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a Wedding Photographer based in Mississauga, Ontario; Passionate about capturing your love and connections! I’m super excited to tell you all a little about me!

Ps. This is my first blog post ever (yay!!) so.. I hope you enjoy it!

Sagari Lisoy, About Me
I’m a 90’s baby with an old soul! I believe in soul mates and everlasting love.. I believe in doing good onto others and helping people out #CommunityOverCompetition. I believe that there is beauty within everything around us; we just have to look for it!!

I have spent most of my life in Canada calling Mississauga home! Though this city was much smaller when I was growing up, I still love being here. I enjoy travelling and always dreamed of settling down in Australia but life has taken me in directions I never imagined or planned!

Since 2014, I have worked within various corporate roles while pursuing my dream of becoming a wedding photographer. This summer I made the leap to follow my dreams and I couldn’t be happier! I love that I get to do something that nourishes my heart and soul every day! Being wedding photographer does exactly that for me ..nourishes my heart and soul. My passion and career combined!


Sagari Lisoy, Wedding Photographer, Mississauga, Ontario, Silver Linings Photography Co.
I truly believe that we all have a purpose here on earth and I hope to always make those around me feel comfort and love!

#1 I aspired to be a Special Education Teacher and studied Social Service Work at Sheridan College and Child and Youth Studies at Brock University! I’ve done a ton of work and placements in the field but never truly had a career in Special Education… my heart will always have a soft spot for it!

#2 My dream to become a wedding photographer was fueled by my uncle! He gave me my first DSLR in 2010 and taught me a thing or two about using it! He made me a deal; that I could have the camera as long as I made something out of it. Well, thanks to him, here I am today – doing what I love and loving what I do – officially a wedding photographer!!

Sagari Lisoy, Mississauga, Ontario, Silver Linings Photography Co.

#3 I have a daughter named Tessa who was born on Remembrance Day 2015! She has the sweetest soul and really teaches ME how to be a mother! Tessa’s father and I are not together anymore. We strive to give her the best life and focus on a healthy co-parenting relationship! It’s a huge win in my eyes and I hope to make Tessa proud in the end!

#4 I absolutely love animals & dogs are my favourite! Recently, I became a guardian to the sweetest little Mini Australian Labradoodle who we named Coconut! Coconut will be a part of the breeding program over at Halton Hills Labradoodles and I can’t wait to experience this with my sweet little pooch!

Sagari Lisoy, Wedding Photographer, Labradoodle


Tropical Vacations


Road Trips

Watching “Friends” On Repeat

Singing In My Car

Handwritten Notes

Dancing Like Nobody Is Watching


– An Easy & Comfortable Session; Don’t worry if you’re awkward in front of a camera, I’ll guide you through exactly what to do!

– Tons of Laughs & Giggles; There isn’t a session I’ve walked away from where we haven’t had fun! I do my best to make everyone feel comfortable and have tons of little secrets that get those perfect moments captured!

– Images that make you feel all kinds of tingly inside; bringing you back to the way you felt on your special day!

– A Friendship; I want you to know that you can always count on me to be your friend and support system – not just during but far past your wedding day!


I love the artistic freedom that photography gives me! Though I call my ‘style’ of photography bright and light, I consider my style more natural – focusing on tender moments and the true essence of your love and connection!

I take both a photojournalistic and traditional approach with a clean and classic editing style; keeping the colours as natural and true to life as possible. My style is dependent on emotion, interaction and natural moments!


I’d love to get to know you more and chat about all the lovely details you’ve got planned for your wedding! From your bridal party size, the colour scheme to the length of your veil… I want to know all the lovely little things that are going to make up your life’s special moments!!

Send me a email at hello@silverliningsphotography.ca or fill out my contact form and let’s talk about how I can make everlasting, timeless memories filled with love and laughter for YOU.

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