What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

These tips should help you pick the perfect outfit for your Engagement Session!

Dundas Peak Engagement Session


First and foremost, engagement sessions are the one thing I will always include in my packages. If an engagement session isn’t provided in your wedding photography package, I promise you, it is worth the investment. So, I will always advise you to say “yes!” to an engagement session because they are the perfect way to build a relationship with your wedding photographer. This is so helpful for everyone prior to your wedding day – both the photographer and the couple!

Personally, I take this time to work with my couples and teach them the tips and tricks I use to get those perfect shots! Essentially, it’s like a dress rehearsal for your wedding photography with the bonus of some beautiful images to celebrate the newest season in your life!!

Every photographer has their way of guiding their clients to perfection in their sessions. Here are my tips to help with the most common struggle – choosing what to wear to your engagement session! I’ve broken them down in 10 easy parts to answer the most common questions I get.

Let’s dive in!


Engagement Session Dundas Peak Ontario

Typically, I suggest two outfits; one casual and one formal. This adds some variety in your portraits while giving us more time to create some beautiful memories for the two of you to cherish! That being said, don’t start with picking the outfits.


Start with remembering to be yourself – let your outfit reflect you as a couple! If you are more on the simple side, keep things simple. Love your Christian Louboutin’s? Bring em out sistah! I love me some red bottoms!

Guys, if you’re the kind that doesn’t typically wear suits, no big deal – skip the suit! An easy way to get a comfortable formal look is to wear a dress shirt!

Dundurn Castle Engagement Session
Dundurn Castle, Ontario Couples Session

For a formal look, I suggest getting a little dressed up. Think, fancy! I love it when my brides bring out their dresses for an engagement session. Flowy dresses are the best – they create movement and romance!

For a casual look, start with what is in your closet! If it isn’t something you would typically wear, don’t wear it!

Mississauga Ontario, Couples Session

My rule of thumb is – Stay Classy. Your engagement session should always ring true to who you are!

An important thing to remember is to keep your outfits aligned. Basically, make sure he isn’t wearing runners while you’re wearing your best heels!


Mississauga Engagement

Keep in mind the location of your session when choosing your outfit. What do I mean? Well, don’t wear green if you are going to be in the midst of greenery or avoid white if we are shooting outside in the snow! You want to stand out against the background!!


Be sure to dress for your body type. Don’t wear anything too tight or too loose. This goes for both the ladies and gentlemen! Baggy clothes are not flattering at all and neither are overly tight clothes. You don’t want to be worried about not being able to move or having to adjust your outfit the entire session.

Instead, focus on the parts of your body you love. Choose something you feel confident and comfortable in. If you feel self conscious in anything, chances are you should probably avoid it.


Engagement Session, Couples Session, Mississauga Ontario

When choosing outfits, try to remember to coordinate your outfits in a way that compliments each other. Remember that coordinating does not mean matching. Skip the millennial blue jeans and white shirt look!! This type of coordinating tends to have you blending into each other; especially when wearing white! If you want to coordinate colours, a good way to avoid blending into each other is by choosing a variety of shades to create a separation between the two of you!


Ladies, this is the perfect time to have a trial with your bridal hair and make up artists. Having your hair and makeup done is key – I want you to feel dolled up and your best! With makeup, i recommend staying natural. However, if you love a bold red lip, you rock it!

My best tip is stay natural but go a little heavier because things like blush, don’t always show up when far away!


#1 Ladies, think about having a manicure before your session! I’m going to be getting shots of that beautiful ring on your pretty fingers and I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I’ve heard “Ah, I should have got a manicure.”

#2 Guys, get your haircut and treat yourself to the best shave ever! Just like us ladies and our hair, makeup and nails, we know you guys feel your best right after the barber! Also, don’t forget to cut your nails.

#3 Get your ring(s) cleaned!!!!!

#4 Make sure everything fits well and do this ahead of time!

#5 Get the right underwear!

#6 Be creative and incorporate things that resonate you as a couple!

Need some visual inspo? Feel free to browse through my Couples Sessions| What to Wear board on Pinterest.

HEARD ABOUT THE FREEBIE!? That’s right, I’ve put together a handy Photo Session Style Guide with basic guidelines for dressing for any session to help you all out! Get it below!

Have questions or just want to discuss some outfit options for a session you have coming up? Fill out my Contact Form – I’d love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for help with your outfits for our next session I’d love to help you in any way that I can!

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